Sunday, November 29, 2009

Before Restoration Photos

These are photos of the stove as it was when I purchased it. It will be some time before I can actually start the restoration on it.

Stove Front w/o High Back

Stove Back

Stove Back....shows damage done when dolly was dropped

Stove Back w/ damage

Left Side Panel

Right Side Panel

Damaged Right Side Panel

Cook Top...notice all 3 burner grates are identical

Burner Grate

Drip Ring

Drip Ring....doesn't seem to fit right

Drip Ring removed...

Thermowell Lid

Double Pots

Thermowell Burner

Thermowell Bottom


Griddle Raised....broiler pan underneath

Broiler Pan removed...

Broiler Burner

Front Panel Knobs

Thermostat Knob

Thermostat Knob

Oven Door Handle

Oven Door Handle

Service/Storage Cabinet

Service/Storage Cabinet

Service/Storage Cabinet Hinge....those springs look new!


Oven Racks

Oven Side

Oven Side Closeup....does this always happen? The corroded lip sticking out...

Oven Pilot

Name Plate

High Back

Left Light

Right Light

Timer Assembly

Timer Closeup

Top of something missing here?!

Fold-down Cover....look at those chips!

Fold-down Cover...more chips

Fold-down Cover....pretty scratched up

Stove Leg....much shorter than the ones on my parts stove

1946 Chambers Range....model B


  1. I have a stove just like this. I did not know the year or model until I saw yours. Mine was in good shape when I found it, but inside is a little rusty. I want to replace drip rings,m but an't find them.Thanks so much for posting your stove here. Carolyn Huighes, San Antonio, Texas

  2. Hi Carolyn.....You should look for the tag on your stove and get the style # & serial # on them. This will tell you exactly what stove you have and even the year. Even though your stove looks exactly like mine, it could be a different year. If you don't know where the tag is, remove your right front burner/drip ring and look on the front of the thermowell. If your tag is still there, you'll see it attached by one screw.

    Are you familiar with the Chambers Rangers forum? If not, you should join us. It can be found at There is someone there who probably has the drip rings you need...his name is Don. You can also search Ebay often. I see drip rings every once in a while there.

    Thanks for stopping by.